Glenelg School R7


The School


Glenelg Primary School is in the heart of the historic beachside suburb of Glenelg. Our aim is to encourage children to become lifelong
learners with inquiring minds capable of working independently and collaboratively. Our values of fairness, respect and responsibility
underpin our capacity to develop life skills for the future.

Our school provides a broad and balanced curriculum that supports the development of academic, creative, technical and sporting skills. English/literacy and mathematics/numeracy are major foci and will continue to be developed in forthcoming years. Health and wellbeing
and learning technologies are also priorities – each supported by a coordinator. Interactive whiteboards are used in every classroom.
Japanese, science and performing arts are taught by specialist teachers.

Other school initiatives include: cross-age tutoring, class and special assistance programs for students identified as being 'at risk' in literacy, numeracy and coordination, and a program for students with high potential. We also offer sports clinics, SAPSASA sporting events, festival
of music, J-Rock and instrumental music. A variety of out-of-hours sports is also available.