Glenelg School R7



At Glenelg Primary School, we believe that our students learn best when they are engaged in a learning environment that is safe and supportive so that they develop a positive sense of self-worth and desire to learn.  Every student presents with different talents and preferred learning styles and we as educators provide a learning programme that allows each individual to develop within their individual parameters so that their natural and intellectual curiosity is stimulated and our students can be successful in our rapidly changing, global society.

Our curriculum is developmentally challenging and ensures that a culmination of experiential, concrete activities, group and independent learning activities are provided. Our learning programme is based upon DECS GUIDELINES using the South Australian Curriculum Standards and Accountability Framework (SACSA) to ensure that all outcomes are taught explicitly, assessed using a variety of techniques and reported on accurately.  We plan and assess our integrated Multi-disciplinary units of work by using the Understanding by Design frameworks by Jay McTighe.  This ensures that students are developing skills to be life-long learners as they are able to access resources and information to discover new learning based on their prior knowledge.  This methodology helps our students to develop the skills of questioning, research, communication, and social and self-management .Each student can progress and build on their skills and unique abilities and enjoy the world of learning.   Students are taught to critically examine the information they are presented with and collaborate with others to work in teams and independently. In 2011 we will begin to implement the Australian National Curriculum which can be viewed on the ACARA website.

At Glenelg Primary School, we also provide specialist programmes and assistance which include: Special Education; an early intervention Reading and Writing programme (WRAP), English as a Second Language (ESL), Bright Futures, Japanese, Science (including the teaching of the Australian Primary Connections Science curriculum), Information Communication Technologies, Performing Arts and the Child Protection curriculum.

 We also explicitly teach the ‘You Can Do It’ social and emotional programme created by Professor Bernard.  The skills developed through this approach enable students to acquire skills in Getting Along, being Organised, Persistent, Confident and Resilient; so that they can accept the challenges that one faces in their daily lives.  Our mission is to ensure that all students continually enjoy learning and experience success whilst having fun and enjoying the experience that primary school education has to offer.

Inquiry Minds
Each term students from different sections of the school meet to form a group called Inquiring Minds. For an hour a week they investigate a question or topic. Term 2 saw year 6/7 students looked at how water was sourced and used at the school. Two teams presented their findings in video format. One looked at the mains water supply, the other how we collect, store and use rain water. To view their videos click on the screens below.