Glenelg School R7

Grounds & Facilities


Well kept GroundsGlenelg Primary School has a lease agreement with the Holdfast Bay Council, for the use of the Glenelg Oval; this is between the hours of 8.00am to 4.30pm each weekday. This has been renegotiated for another 10 years until 2023.

Throughout the 2013 year there has been a number of smaller tress removed in line with what our local Arborist has indicated. Several trees have also been removed as a result of health and safety reasons.

Each year the governing council will hold a series of working bees to support the groundsperson in their job to maintain the school; parents are asked to spend a couple of hours of their time and join in on this fun team exercise; to date we have worked on general clean-ups and planted specialist trees along our driveway.

In 2013 there are plans to develop the playgrounds from the J.P. diagonal road area to the large school oval and adjacent climbing playgrounds. A substantial allocation of money has been set aside for this development and tenders have been called and appointed; work will begin at the start of term 3.

Click here to see some of the redevelopment.